Sunday, December 17, 2006

Dead Watch, by John Sandford

I know this is the second John Sandford novel I have reviewed in 3 postings, but at least it's no part of the "Prey" series, with Lucas Davenport.

Released just this year, Dead Watch appears to be the beginning of a new series that features Jake Winter, a political espionage operative who has a working relationship with the FBI and CIA.

In this story, Jake is called upon to find out where a former US Senator has gone, and who may have kidnapped him...if it's a kidnapping. Lincoln Bowe is a Republican politician who is married to a former TV news reporter. Madison Bowe believes that her husband's former opponent, the Governor of Virginia, is part of a plot to make the outspoken former Senator disappear.

Governor Arlo Goodman, a conservative Democrat, is linked to a citizen volunteer organization called The Watchmen, which was formed to assist law enforcement in such "watchful" activities as locating illegal aliens and looking out for terrorists.

There are enough twists and turns to keep this interesting, although it does not rise to the level of some of Sandford's better Prey novels. But it is interesting, and there is enough linkage to several contemporary issues to make you think. And, of course, the solution to the problem of the former Senator's disappearance is a surprise.

I give it 3 stars for keeping me involved all the way, and not drifting too far out on the romantic tangent, which is inevitable from early on.

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