Sunday, February 04, 2007

Memoirs of Willliam T. Sherman

This was 4 hours and 24 minutes long, and was narrated by Nelson Runger.

You must think I am on a Civil War bender right about now. That is not the case. I have simply been latching onto interesting looking titles. But I will admit having a weakness for Civil War history.

This is a terrific read. General Sherman was not just a highly successful warrior in the field, but an excellent writer, able to articulate his views impressively. He includes some of the earliest "flame wars" on record: his literary sparring with General Hood of the Confederate Army.

This book follows Sherman's experience in the War from early 1864 until he completed his famous March to the Sea that ended in Savannah, Georgia. Details of his policies and decisions would have made a good alternative to our current war policy in Iraq. Although I hate to bring our present difficulties into an audiobook review, it is hard no to think about it while listening to the General describe his decision to evacuate Atlanta instead of trying to police it while prosecuting a war.

This is a 4 star book!

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