Thursday, March 08, 2007

The Takeover, by Stephen Frey

This is the author's first novel, was written in 1995, and was 12 hours and 47 minutes long. The narrator was Paul Hecht.

One of the first things I picked up on was the awkwardness of a book written just before momentous changes. This book was pre-September, 11, pre-Internet, and pre-cell phone. Yes, someone has a "car phone" (remember those??), and the main character has a "Bloomberg terminal" at his apartment so he can work at home, but it seems pretty clunky when so much has happened to alter our lives in the past 12 years.

Aside from the bad luck of timing, this was a pretty sorry book anyway. The politics is too preachy, the characters are not very compelling, and there are some holes in the story that are not resolved. And the obviously Clintonesque Democratic President is an innocent man beset by evil Republican villains out to frame him. More bad luck.

There was also a romantic interest too many. It divided any emotional power that should have been focussed on just one relationship. It was confusing at times, and never very interesting. There was nothing to pull for.

In defense of the author, (as I give him 1 star for this one), "The Day Trader" (2002) was much, much better. It was a 4 star book. "The Takeover" was worth missing.

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