Thursday, July 26, 2007

The Long Ball : The Summer of '75 -- Spaceman, Catfish, Charlie Hustle, and the Greatest World Series Ever Played, by Tom Adelman

This audiobook was obtained for free from, was 12 hours and 54 minutes long (including the author interview), and was narrated by Richard M. Davidson.

Even if you lived and followed baseball during this time, and I did, there are a lot of details and back story that you miss. Tom Adelman's research and reporting give you all the dirt on the season of 75, and the grusome details of the collision course between the Big Red Machine and the almost-there Red Sox.

Adelman weaves together all the snippets of conversation he has dug up to re-create the real time drama of the 1975 world series. And his analysis of the league politics and how the team owners finally lost their hold on individual players is clear to the average fan. It's quite understandable to me now how player salaries have spiraled up and up. It is that same old lesson from other unions: Bad owners abuse players; players organize and win their rights; players abuse their rights; ticket prices rise higher and higher, punishing the poorest fans.

This dramatic and insightful book makes you want to see every season picked apart like this one. It was a fan's dream and worth all 4 stars.

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