Monday, October 29, 2007

Straight Into Darkness, by Faye Kellerman

This audiobook came from the Alachua County Library, was on 12 CDs, and was narrated by Paul Michael.

Axel Berg is a Munich policeman during the mid 1920s. He is investigating a series of brutal murders in the midst of tumultuous time. Hitler is on the rise, Jews are expendable, and they make excellent suspects. The trouble is that Berg is a conscientious policeman who wants to catch the actual killer. He also has a hard time fitting in with the anti-semitic mania. He is not a lover of the Jews, but neither can he be bothered looking for reasons to persecute them. He is a WW1 veteran, of Danish origins, fond of "subversive" art and music, and cheats on his wife. He is not lovable, but in contrast to the lunacy around him, he is heroic.

Excellent characters in a solid story during intriguing times, this one just slips into 4 star territory.

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mykidsinheritance said...

As an avid Kellerman fan, both Faye and Jonathan, I'm inclined to agree with your very well-said review! Once you get past the discomfort with the anti-Semitism, it is a great read, as expected of this incredibly talented author.
Completely engrossing -- so be warned, you will be swept up and forget you are reading...

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