Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Younger Next Year, by Harry S. Lodge, MD and Chris Crowley

This audiobook was a Christmas present and it came on 6 CDs. I highly recommend that you buy it.

I often tell people that I have been fat and thin more times than Oprah. I have frequently gone on diets on which I have lost 40 pounds. At 49, I don't know how often I can get away with this. So, when I listened to this audiobook on a trip right after Christmas, I was ready to listen.

Harry and Chris tag-team this book as Chris, a retired attorney, and Harry, a renowned gerontologist, make the case for daily exercise to fight the tide of aging. They convincingly tell you how you can be "functionally younger" next year. They don't promise you that it can go on forever, but that you can make sure that your last years are lived feeling healthy and vibrant pretty much until the end. Well, sign me up!

Motivation is an important part of the program, which is why a daily regimen is necessary. Anything else is just treading water, so there is relatively little payoff. Harry has the numbers, and Chris has the stories. I wish there was a place to download this for free, but it ain't there yet. However, I can direct you to their website, and I can give this book 4 stars.

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