Sunday, March 15, 2009

The Associate, by John Grisham

An idealistic Yale law student named Kyle McEvoy has a very promising future ahead of him if it weren't for his troubling past. While at Duquense University he was at a frat party where a girl claims she was raped. The case was thrown out, but new evidence has surfaced. Apparently, one of the frat brothers set his cell phone camera on a counter where it could capture the action, and that video is now in the hands of some very dangerous people who need a young lawyer in place at a prestigious law firm that is handling a lawsuit that involves sensitive defense contracts. Kyle had planned on doing good deeds for some non-profits when he got out of school, but now he has to spy for these bad guys or risk ruin and jail.

It's pretty predictable and the ending is not very satisfying, but it is fast moving and interesting. I liked it enough to finish it, but I wasn't all that happy at the end. I give it 2 stars.

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