Friday, January 19, 2007

Act of Treason, by Vince Flynn

This novel was published in 2006, was downloaded from, and is 11:06:34 long. It is narrated by George Guidall.

If you are a left-wing zealot who has issues with the US military, take a pass on this one. Or upgrade your Prozac. The hero of this anti-terrorism novel is Mitch Rapp, a CIA undercover-opps assassin who burns through red tape and legal procedure when that's the only way to achieve a just result.

Our story begins when a Democratic Presidential candidate's motorcade is attacked with a bomb blast that kills 19 people, but misses the Presidential and Vice-Presidential candidates. Although this was clearly the work of a professional, it seems like he got the wrong limo, the one that contained the wife of the Presidential candidate.

After the widowed Democrat is elected, Mitch Rapp manages to find the bomber, collect the evidence, get a confession (the hard way), and is then faced with new hurdles as the news leaks out and the new President-elect wants the man put on trial. Well, that's not gonna happen. But there is still another problem: finding out who really put this hit on the Liberal Democrat candidates.

I give it 3 stars for being fast-paced and well-written. I won't weigh in on the politics. :)

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