Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Benjamin Franklin: An American Life

I got this from my library on 6 audio CDs. Since I don't like to listen to a CD player while I am working, (too much skipping, and a drain on batteries), I copied the discs to my hard drive and then I sent them to my iRiver mp3 player.

This was Ben's life from where his ancesters came from to beyond his death. This book takes in Franklin as a whole person: the precocious teenager who loved to write and crack jokes with grown-ups. In fact, he said that humor was the quickest way for a boy to insert himself into adult gatherings. Everyone likes a wit.

As he grew up, he became the consummate networker and image forger. He loved to engage in commerce as much as conversation. He formed a philosophical society in his early 20s that helped him expand his influence in his home town and across the country, abroad, and throughout history.

He was so successful as a printer that he retired from business at 42 and started to fid new ways to improve the world around him through the formation of libraries, fire departments, and as an inventor. He never stopped trying to improve himself and the world around him.

This book was wonderfully written and performed.


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