Monday, October 09, 2006

Fear the Night, by John Lutz

If you follow my reading list, you will discover that I have a weakness for crime fiction. Perhaps it is because I am a member of that over-stimulated generation that was the first to grow up with the television as an older sibling that I believe that, if you don't have conflict, you don't have a story. But perhaps it's because characters are best revealed in crisis, and I just love good characters.

John Lutz isn't my favorite writer, but he's pretty dependable. This is a pretty standard police drama in which a man is terrorizing New York City with his seemingly random sniper attacks. He's someone the police have dealt with before, and he misses his nemesis, retired detective Vincent Repetto, and he wants to draw him into the investigation. Repetto doesn't want to respond to the call. He's ready to take his life back and give more time to his family, but the Night Sniper draws him out by making it personal.

John Lutz is a good writer, but he's no John Sanford, who has actually succeeded in bringing tears to my eyes with a shocking ending. But I don't remember the title. Sorry...


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