Friday, October 13, 2006

Darker Than Night, by John Lutz

What a dud. I have listened to a lot of John Lutz, and I know he hits a klunker once in awhile, so I know he was due. This was one to miss.

The bright spot is that it was read by Scott Brick, who is second only to Frank Muller as a voice talent. But as good as Brick is, he cannot make up for a forced plot and weak characters. Then there is the lurid attention to body eviceration that is gross enough to be a distraction. It's enough to take you right out of the story and wonder if anyone is keeping an eye on Mr. Lutz.

The ending is absolutely farcical, and I was relieved that it was finally over. I'm glad I only had to listen to this one, as opposed to actually having to waste my aging eyeballs reading it. If it comes out in film, forget about it.

I am still pining away for my mp3 player. I am on an audiobook bender right now because I cannot feed my podcast addiction. Sure, I listen to a few on my computer, but it's not the same as listening while cleaning windows. Window cleaning does not interfere with concentration very much.

Right now I am listening to a very long Tom Wolf novel on CD. It's on 25 discs. I will get that review out to you next week.

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