Monday, October 09, 2006

My MP3 player is broken...

Fortunately, I bought a replacement warrantee from Best Buy last year, when I got the iRiver Player. I just love my little toy. It has a Gigabyte of memory, plays mp3 and wma files, and FM tuner, and a surprisingly good voice recorder. Well, the tuner stopped working a few months ago, but that wasn't enough to make me replace it.

The only thing I regretted was that it would not play the wma files that had DRM: Digital Rights Management. This is the encryption software that keeps you from moving copyrighted material from your computer to another device or burning it onto a CD. I sort of understand this, but the stuff I was wanting to move to my MP3 player is stuff you can get for free at You use your library card number to register for an account with them, download audio books for free, and they expire in about 3 weeks. And the downloads are very fast.

Well, there are some mp3 players that will play DRM protected files. Net library has a list of those "approved" players. And since Best Buy will be sending me a gift card in exchange for the player, I can go buy one of the other ones. So, this is a good thing! I think...

The only bad part is that I have to mail the player off. I've had to jump through a few hoops, and I may be without an mp3 player for 4 weeks. Aaaaaargh! So, I will be using those antiquated tape players and CD players for awhile. Dangit.


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