Sunday, November 12, 2006

Leonardo Da Vinci, by Sherwin Nuland

I absolutely loved this. It came on 4 audio CDs and it told me things about Leonardo Da Vinci that I never knew.

We all knew he was a great painter and inventor, and we may even be away of his interest in anatomy. But "interest" does not come close to describing his passion for knowing how we are made.
Leonardo was a one-man CSI unit. He dissected cadavers in minute detail, drew thousands of pictures of what he found, and made discoveries hundreds of years before they were officially "discovered" by the scientific community. This colorful workaholic was so obsessed with his inquiries that it kept him from finishing many paintings for which he had been paid. It was rough on his art career.

It would be hard to do justice to the life of Leonardo in just 4 audio CDs, but Sherwin Nuland does it admirably. He both enlightens and delights you, while leaving you wanting more.

Four stars and a comet for this one.


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