Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Your Marketing Sucks, by Mark Stevens

This was another free download from I am always interested in business books, with a particular interest in biographies and CEO memoirs, but I am also interested in sales and marketing.

This was a good read, full of horror stories that will either help you avoid marketing mistakes, OR help you position your bloodsucking ad agency under the idiots who make them. It's mostly a good shake-up for your marketing paradigm if you are the kind of person who arrives at a marketing budget figure before you know what to spend it on.

As a lifelong cheapskate, and a hard-boiled skeptic about the value of most advertising, I found this both affirming and instructive: affirming because I am already on board most of this stuff, and instructive because I see how insidious the trap is that draws us into conventional ideas about marketing. I am in the middle of a new project that is pretty innovative; yet I find myself being drawn out of my guerrilla marketing mindset and into the lazy way of simply repeating what has already been done.

Four stars for usefulness and entertainment value.

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