Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Parallel Lies, by Ridley Pearson

A man loses his family to a faulty rail crossing and seeks revenge against the company. A mere settlement was not enough. He wants them to admit they were wrong.

Secondary story: the man who is investigating a series of train derailments got this job after a police homicide department punts him under the shadow of police brutality charge.

The man who is derailing the trains is also being hunted by the railroad's private security force, and they want him dead. The company's CEO fears that his new bullet train will be sabotaged, and he wants to tie up a certain loose end without resurrecting the old rail crossing case and the ensuing cover-up.

I've read better novels by Ridley Pearson. This one gets 2-1/2 stars. The villain is too weak, the characters just short of interesting. There are a couple of well-written, suspenseful scenes, but it doesn't carry the book.

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